Saturday, March 24, 2007

Congratulations Gombojavs!

I got a call today around 2:00p.m. that Daja was having her baby so I ran out of work and drove as fast as I could (thank you 5 freeway for Friday traffic!) and got to their place just in time to be told that Daja JUST had her baby. I don't feel so bad for missing the birth, though, since everyone else did as well. I guess it came VERY fast. Her mom turned to yell for the midwife and when she turned around...there was the baby!

41 1/2 hours after starting labor...the baby's finally here (I'd tell you the sex, etc., but I think that's her job)! I'm sure she'll blog about it so I don't want to let out too much info. Her husband got a LOT of pictures, which I'm sure will be posted.

I got to witness the baby's first hair washing, exam (being weighed, measured, first steps from reflexes), and being changed into its first outfit.

So...CONGRATULATIONS GOMBOJAVS!! Thank you for including me in this special event! I can't wait to have my own and to read your story and see all the beautiful pictures!

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