Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doctor Visit

So, we went to the Dr.'s today and had an ultrasound. The baby is a week bigger than average so the Dr. mentioned something about the due date being around the 12th, instead of the 22nd, due to the picture.

My mom got to come and see the baby kicking around. We saw the heart beating and him waving his arms. This was the best picture he could get because the baby had his hand up by his head, which messed with the shadows in the 3-d picture. No, we didn't find out the sex, but I think I'll be calling the baby him or her, depending on my mood, instead of "it" since my baby is a human being.

We asked him questions about cutting the baby's cord and laboring the placenta and mentioned home births. He called midwifery "coltish" which was a bit disturbing, but funny since we know a few "members of the congregation". He told us how foolish home births and that he's seen the women rushed into the emergency because something went wrong. Thinking back on that comment, it would seem the only reason to go to the hospital would be if something were wrong. He also mentioned that birth balls were a waste of money from his experience. (This coming after I watched a couple natural births on-line last night who said the balls did wonders.)

I asked what the typical procedure would be once the baby is born. He'll place the baby on my tummy with a sterile blanket so we can wash her up and while we are wiping he will clamp the cord and let whoever cut it. I mentioned that our friend just had a baby and they waited until the cord stopped pulsing before cutting. He said it will have a pulse as long as it's connected since the baby is moving (I'm sure a pulse would feel different than the movement of the baby). I asked about letting the cord do its job and letting it stop naturally. "The cord will clamp itself" in some way which is why there's no reason to wait. He also said waiting too long can cause jondas.

I asked about letting the placenta come out natural. He said it does, but if it takes too long it can cause complications, i.e. hemorraging, so they make sure it comes out in a timely manner.

I asked about having a doula and he said they prefer the husband coach the woman. If we really wanted, though, it would be okay. In fact, as long as I have an IV in and they can monitor the baby, they're fine with just about whatever. He explained it as wearing a seat belt. We don't expect an accident, but if one occurred, there would be no going back to try to prevent it.

We also asked about the Rh shot. According to the article I found and posted, if I am Rh-, it wouldn't matter unless Big Red is Rh+ since only then can the baby be Rh+. The Dr. told us that it doesn't matter. They'll give us the Rogam (sp?) shot and then test the baby when he's born and then decide if I need the other shot. Considering that I'm not good with needles - NO FAIR! I don't even need the shot if Big Red is negative! You'd think they'd test that first!

SO, I can't wait to go through Daja's class. It seems that Bradley method is more hands off, which sounds great to me. I don't want to intervene with what God has ordaned as natural, yet I don't want to be foolish and not take precautions. I'm afraid that if my heart tells me one thing that it will only happen with an extreme struggle in the hospital.

Please pray God will give me wisdom on the details that matter and the ability to descern.

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