Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birth Decisions

So, I think I may have decided my next move in this whole birth decision stage. In my next Dr. appointment I will be completely blunt with the Dr. I want to have a hospital birth because I want to have a Dr. there if anything goes wrong...BUT if I can't make the decisions for what will happen to MY baby and how MY experience will go, then I will have to find another option. He had said how he sees plenty of women coming in after attempting a home birth and finding complications...well, if they gave the women the right to choose their birthing options, then they probably wouldn't have forced the women to birth at home.

There are a few things I've decided on. The first is NO induction. If the baby's not ready to come out, LEAVE HIM! I've only heard negative outcomes from induction, including a harder labor, stress on the baby, longer recovery, etc.

For the cord, I want to cut it after it stops pulsing. There are many studies out there that state how good it is for the baby, i.e. the baby receives a lot of iron, which they don't receive from breastmilk - this is why they sell baby formulas that are fortified in iron. If the doctor can't figure out when the cord has stopped, I'm sure that my friend Daja can't help him figure it out!

No drugs! This is somewhat a no brainer and I don't think they'd be too upset about it. I may be screaming for something, but only if they don't let me move or get comfortable the way my body will need. I hear that being attached to monitors and an IV can hinder a mother's ability to walk around in needed to get comfortable. If it's an issue, it's being removed! This is another question I'll have to ask him to specify. Is the IV and monitoring "seatbelt" theory meaning I won't be able to get up?

I understand the Dr. and the hospital encouraging my husband to be my coach, but I still think a doula would set my mind at ease. Once we take Daja's class and Big Red and I have a better idea of what will ease the pain, I'm sure he'd be my main support. Still, a doula would be nice to remind us and support both of us.

Eating during pregnancy...I didn't ask the Dr. about this yet, but in researching, the reason they don't want women to eat is to avoid aspirating. This is only caused in using general anastesia. If there's no drugs, no problem, right? Plus, my stomach will most likely NOT be empty and I will need the nutrition to get through the least as an option.

My placenta will come out naturally. I'm going to have to ask him what he meant by "takes too long" in this area and research more if there really IS a "too long", but seeing that I'm trusting God in this, I'm sure He'll come through! Forcing it out can cause hemmoraging and I don't want to risk that seeing that cases show that playing around in the womb can cause future miscarriages (i.e. having an abortion).

(I need to look more into the shot for Rh. I still don't understand why they don't test Big Red before assuming the worst.)

Well, that's it for now. Seeing that I'm pregnant and supposedly have raging hormones, we'll see how this is carried out. If any of you have an opion, please let me read about it.

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