Friday, February 9, 2007

Simply by Existing...

One of my girlfriends is taking a path I had committed to in college and going for her masters to teach. She's one of those friends that only God can place in your lives...we were the only two psychos to drive all the way from Glendora/Covina out to Costa Mesa to work so we decided to bond over small confined's when you REALLY get to know someone. Any of you out there who's ever had to sit in 57 freeway traffic knows what I mean.

We would talk about the day we would quit and leave long commutes as a thing of the past. Of course, with benefits and friends, it took a while.

Anyway, even carpooling, the drive took a lot out of I quit and joined my father's company as he was after me for months. After driving over 2 hours each way alone, she finally gave in and quit...with no back up.

Now during all this time I would force her to listen to worship music while I was forced to listen to Kevin and Bean in the morning. We compromised.

Anyway, she's been without a REAL job for a while now and had an interview for a teaching position today. So, she called me up and I reminded her that she's overqualified and she reminded herself not to say "like" or "you know." Then something she said caught my ear. Without a job she has no money and recently she's been called to come up with $600 for the next two months. The best part: She's not worried. She knows everything's going to be alright. She even mentioned she'd prayed...of course as she went on I kept wondering if she actually used the word "prayed". I told her it was peace, of course implying it was a peace from God that was beyond understanding.

Later I texted her and let her know I've been praying for peace for her. She took a huge leap of faith to leave her steady job to pursue her dreams. She's been able to be there for her daughter and mother more, to word on a music video, get signed up for substituting, and rest.

Well, she wrote back with the biggest compliment I've ever gotten: "Thanks i feel it. You don't force him on me. But i feel closer to him because you are in my life funny huh"

Wow! Tears began swelling up as I thought, "she feels closer to God just because I exist?!" My life is complete! To share God by just being...crazy! Exciting! Encouraging!

Then I think,, "someone feels closer to God without me having to MAKE THEM closer to Him?!" It's something bible thumpers could never imagine! Of course she wasn't slain in the Spirit and she isn't preaching on any corners, but I know that being closer to Him changes someone...even if it's little by little.

Anyway, this isn't a daily thing for me, so I'm excited! I hope that I meet more people in life who can say that about me 0 "You've shown me God." Wow! I hope this encourages all of you who simply live your life the best you can, with God's help and a humble spirit. Just your existence can show people God...

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Gombojav said...

Coming to Christ is often a process and not a one-time thing. Gana came to Christ over a several year span. He cannot recall exactly when he converted, except that one day he knew he he belonged to Christ. May the day come very soon when your friend will say for sure that she belongs to Christ, too.