Saturday, February 10, 2007

God is a great matchmaker. - Jewish proverb

A bit about us: Big Red and I met through our Mexico missions trips to Casa Hogar in Canon Buena Vista, just outside of Ensenada.

The first time I met him I thought he was gorgeous...a bit stand-offish, but gorgeous! I think his invert personality was one of the reason's he caught my eye. Quiet, yet witty... *:oD

Anyway, I went down there to Casa Hogar to stay for 3 months in February and ended up coming back early. LONG story short - some guy decided it would be funny to light fireworks under me and some of the girls while we were visiting La Bufadora. I ended up with a 2nd degree burn and learned why we need American doctors.

Well, since I was waiting to hear back from Cisco (the person who leads the weekend mission trips bi-monthly) I took a job as a tutor and had LOTS of free time. During this time Cisco invited me to go with him down to Casa Hogar for food runs. This consisted of leaving around 7 pm, stopping somewhere off the 5 for food, driving down, dropping off the food, maybe snacking at Poblanos (the best taco stand EVER!!), and heading back. This would get us back some time after 5 am.

On these trips, Cisco invited Big Red. One of the nights he had us stop off with him at a play in Yucaipa before heading down. I guess this was somewhat an "unofficial" least I believe Big Red mentioned that.

So, on these trips, when he would take just Big Red or I, Cisco would ask us what we were looking for in a future mate. After hearing our answers he'd get us on trips together and ask the questions again so we could hear that our answers were each least that's our theory. Cisco almost swears he didn't set us up. Our response...WHATEVER!

I've never been so certain and at peace with a decision in my life...Big Red is the one I want to follow all my life. I want to share my life with him and experience the rest of his life with him. I may be stressing over the wedding plans, but the day of, as long as I get to go home with him, nothing else is really going to matter.


Gombojav said...

I like the last paragraph! So great!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

The wedding was perfect anyway! I couldn't have asked for better weather, my aunt decorated the arch better than I ever would've, and we got to share it with all our friends and family...and I got my man!