Friday, February 23, 2007

2nd Doctor's Appointment!

For those of your interested, we had our second Dr. appointment yesterday. Nothing big. The nurse had me pee in a cup, weighed me and took my blood pressure. The Dr. came in, asked if we had any questions and used the Doppler to hear the baby's heart beat. He said it usually takes a while to find it, but he picked it up as soon as it touched my belly!

We found out that the smelling salt (or whatever the packet was the lady used) from Sat. was fine. I didn't post, but we went for the blood test and they took 4 viles. I let the lady know ahead of time of my history of passing out. As they had no cott and I didn't pass out the last time, I figured I was fine sitting. Well, she got all the blood and then I told her to get my husband and went into my little dream state. I ended up laying on the floor a couple times. My strong and reliable husband let them know this is normal for me and not to worry. It did take me a little while longer to recover, but I didn't pass out again.

The Dr. also let us know how worker's comp works (just how efficient the government is) and his opinion on ultrasounds. After receiving an article ( about from a friend where they found multiple ultrasounds produced smaller babies, I've been asking everyone and researching the web. I found the babies all grew to be normal by 2 or 3 yrs. Anyway, the Dr. said he only uses them to get information needed and that it's perfectly safe. Of course, everyone has their own agendas, he said, on the information they provide and believe. I'm sure he had one as well. *:o)

Well, that's it! The pregnancy's normal and the baby's heart is beating loud and clear! Praise God!

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Gombojav said...

It gets more and more exciting as the pregnancy continues, doesn't it? I love being pregnant. I guess that's why I keep doing it! :-) People are starting to think it's my hobby! LOL